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Why With Us

We have been designing and preparing this idea since 1998. In the meantime, we have been gaining experience in motorcycle event planning through our continuous touring around Greece for over the past 15 years.

...we put safety first. Just think: Participants in the endurance events we have organized over the years have ridden a sum of kilometers equal to 80 times the distance around the earth. What percentage of severe accidents would you assume to have occurred over such a distance? We, having never experienced such a circumstance within our events, feel extremely pleased, and can ensure you that it is the result of our extreme attention to detail and safety.

...our tours have the rider who is thirsty for excitement, independent, adventurous and loves nature, always at the forefront of our minds. Of course, we also know how to keep a balance and cater for the not-so-experienced motorcyclists. Moreover, we know what type of vacation someone who has lived through a routine daily-grind for 11 months of the year is looking for during their holiday. Our experience has taught us that a sophisticated "moto-tourer" prefers his/her autonomy and calculated adventure. For this reason, we offer bikes with full side panniers. This is also why we carefully plan a trip that can equally motivate and enthuse our riders, as well as allowing them to escape and relax. However, we are also totally flexible and can adjust to any circumstance that may occur or be requested. For example, if the group needs an escort vehicle, because they believe it will help them feel more relaxed along the journey, we will provide it for them. Additionally, we do not give out a set program or detailed route from day one. We have realized that the element of surprise is one of the factors that plays a major part in the satisfaction of our riders' experiences. For this reason, we have many parts of the route "hidden" and slowly revealed along the way, throughout our tours.

There are many more reasons as to why we will provide you with an unforgettable riding experience. To find out, all you have to do is book a tour with MotoVoyager, the most experienced group dealing with motorcycle event planning and touring in Greece.

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