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It is said that the absolute path to success must be based on three pillars: the creative idea, the organization of the plan and its execution. MotoVoyager follows this path. The expertise of each co-founder represents every one of these specific pillars. Apart from our undeniable love for riding, our entire team consists of highly qualified and educated collaborators. We are not a tourist office nor are we tourist agents. We are experts at what we do. We offer organized, guided motorcycle tours in our beautiful country, and we set out below why we do it so well.

The Idea...

Dimitris Moustakas

Dimitris MoustakasDimitris has travelled significantly across Greece, Europe and Turkey, often with his wife by his side. Through such travels he began to believe that discovering Greece’s breathtaking scenery and ancient heritage should not be experienced any other way. In time, his desire to connect his homeland’s countless attractions and immense beauty to his passion for motorcycle touring continually grew, and became the key motivator behind putting this initiative into practice.

He has successfully completed 9 Annual Endurance Motorcycle Riding Cups around Greece, winning 1st place among 265 participants in 2010. He hopes to share these experiences to the world of motorcyclists and provide them with an opportunity to explore and discover one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

After running a healthy professional uniform designing family business for over 15 years he decided to take action in implementing this wish. By carefully considering the best his country has to offer in terms of expertise in travel and adventure, he selected his partners and collaborators and set off to make his dream into an appealing and worthwhile attraction. He speaks Greek and English.

The Synthesis...

Petros Andrianakis

Petros AndrianakisHe is a Co-founder and member of several clubs with global prestige. Having been the first President of the Hellenic Moto Guzzi Club for 7 years, as well as holding many other positions such as Vice President and general secretary, he has undoubtedly developed infinite knowledge, skills and expertise in terms of motorcycling touring and event management.

A few quick searches online and surely you will find the largest motorcycle event in Greece, according to the press and internet forums, to be the Annual Endurance Motorcycle Riding Cup – (permanently sponsored by BMW Motorrad & Piaggio). Running since 1998, Petros is one of its creators and current organizers, and most accountable for its development and success. Albeit at the heart of the operation of such a vast happening, behind the scenes, he also comes to the forefront by participating in each round yearly, making himself one of the very few who have consecutively taken part in all 15 cups so far.

An eager collector of fine machines, Petros holds a collection of over 10 classic motorcycles and automobiles with great historical significance. Multi-awarded for his wins in many auto & moto rallies based on regularity tactics or navigation techniques; his shelves are full of trophies. He is of the most humble, passionate and enthusiastic motorcyclists anyone could have the pleasure of meeting.
He speaks Greek, English, French and Italian

Τhe Experience...

Diamandis Panagiotopoulos

Diamandis PanagiotopoulosHe is the No.1 Tour Leader of our group. For Diamandis, travelling is not just about arriving at a destination, but about immersing oneself into the trip by getting to know the culture, the people, their habits and all those elements that give it color and life. Travelling is a voyage; it is a personal journey. One of the most notorious motorcycle travelers, his philosophy highlights these features. His motto being: “Destination, is the Journey”, Diamandis makes every trip a unique and unforgettable experience.

For over 30 years he has continuously ridden a number of different motorcycles and has completed almost half a million kilometers riding, of which more than 60.000 km have been abroad. His immense passion for motorcycling is joined by his enthusiasm for photography. He has been asked to photograph many major motorcycle events (including helicopter shots), and creatively captures his personal travels with a myriad of photos, from the Highlands of Scotland to the castles of Bavaria; from the steppes of the former USSR countries, to the island of Crete - the southernmost part of the Balkan Peninsula.

Not only known as a keen rider and avid photographer, as a chief consultant, he has also played a major part in the design and organization of numerous motorcycle riding events. Over the past several years he has taken on roles such as: President, Vice President, executive secretary and road scout, spending countless hours piloting and discovering routes for the main events.

Head Coordinator for the Annual Motorcycle Endurance Riding Cup, in May 2013 - executive advisor 2014. 
He speaks Greek, English and French.


Yiannis Kottaras

Yiannis KottarasWe hope you like what you see! Yiannis is the man behind the scenes, who gathers and compiles all information, photographs and videos and uses his immense creativity and artistic abilities to present your experience through texts.

Having lived many years in Italy, its beautiful language and rich artistic traditions have certainly rubbed off on him. He developed a love for arts and culture that is always present. He brings colors and textures alive with the images he develops. You will be surprised and delighted by the soft voice of his work when it speaks to you.

When he is not brainstorming and creating, he too hops on his motorcycle to travel the world. He has journeyed to the UK islands, across France, Italy and Greece, and all the way up to Romania and Ukraine. As a member of organizing committees for different riding events, he has experience generating routes and designing road-books using a high-tech GPS tracker. Yiannis brings his talents and experiences to our team as a Tour Leader. He speaks Greek, Italian and English.

Dr. Erin Miniotis

Erin MiniotisErin was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and always had a desire to explore her Greek descent. And so, after completing her doctorate in the UK, in Physical Education and Sport, she decided to pursue her professional career in Greece.

Born with a desire to ride, upon arriving to Greece she chased her dream to tour across Europe. At first as a fellow passenger, she has travelled to Austria, Poland and through the Balkans. After gaining valuable riding experience she began taking her own trips first with a BMW GS 650 then with a Moto Guzzi Breva 750, across many corners of Greece. Recently, having upgraded to a Honda Transalp 700 touring bike, she is looking forward to discovering many more destinations within her homeland and abroad.

We are pleased to have such a distinguished professional on our team. Erin is involved with our human relations department and hotel management, tending to all participants’ individual needs and satisfaction.
She speaks English and Greek.

Eva Schina
Eva Schina

Eva was born and raised in Greece. With a degree from the American College of Athens in Marketing Management and Finance, she has a strong background in logistics and accounting.

Her love and enthusiasm for motorcycle riding is always present as she tags along for a ride any chance she may get. As a fellow passenger she has travelled through Greece and Europe, and always looks forward to the next excursion.
She speaks English, French and of course Greek!

Anastasios Papagiannis

Anastasios Papagiannis

Our UK Representative



Moto Tours Photos on our video trailer: Diamandis Panagiotopoulos, Costas Papapanos, Erin Miniotis & Yiannis Zioris
Moto Tours Video shoots: Yiannis Kottaras
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