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Tour of Crete - Minotaur Cave

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them (Aristotle)

Guided motorcycle tour in Greece - Crete Map

7 riding days (return trip on cruise ship)/8 nights - 1120km (690miles)


Discover Greece on Two Wheels!

2018 Tour Dates Released!

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Why Greece

Try searching for words like "motorcycle", "tours", "Greece", guided or not on Google. You will be impressed by what you will find written, by some of the most prestigious sources of our planet, about Greece, its relationship with Motorcycles and Greeks. Here we quote just a few...


Why With Us

We have been designing and preparing this idea since 1998. In the meantime, we have been gaining experience in motorcycle event planning through our continuous touring around Greece for over the past 15 years.


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Motovoyager ensures a fantastic trip in a country of utmost beauty!Greece is well worth the ride. Having taken part in tours in the US and Canada, Motovoyager met all expectations.
John M/ Toronto, Canada (2016)

MotoVoyager is absolutely first class!We've ridden on self-guided tours on three continents, and MotoVoyager was as attentive and thoughtful as any.
Steve Kohler/ Missouri, USA (2015)

With no hesitation this was the best motorcycling trip…We have now done three motorcycle trips: Greece, Thailand, and Colombia. I can say without hesitation that this was the best motorcycling trip I have ever taken.
Matthew Reddy/ Chicago/IL, US (2015)


Your whole vocabulary leads back to your Greek roots to stimulate the senses...